TEAM’s welded sleeves can be furnished with or without grooves to house the backing strips. Backing strip grooves may be a client preference and assist in installation. The groove reduces the effective wall thickness and hence the pressure capability of the sleeve a small amount. The diagram illustrates the backing strip groove options:

Designed in accordance with ASME PCC-2 with ratings derived using ASME B31.8, TEAM’s range of welded type B repair sleeves are designed and manufactured to provide cost effective code compliant repairs for a wide range of pipeline damage mechanisms. Including:

  • Internal corrosion/erosion
  • External corrosion
  • Mechanical damage such as dents and gouges
  • Cracking

Welded sleeves have long been the go-to technology for pipeline damage due to the wealth of positive operating history and well-codified design and installation guidance.
TEAM’s range of Type B welded sleeve repairs provides the ultimate ordering flexibility with a wide range of pipeline diameters, location classes and repair lengths covered with a simple ordering system.
TEAM welded pipeline are designed and manufactured to the following standard specification and options:

  • Materials of 50, 52, 65 and 70ksi yield stress
  • Up to 10’ length (3/4” thick and above available up to 5’)
  • Wide range of standard thicknesses
  • 16ga backing strips
  • Optional milled groove to accept backing strips
  • 30° longitudinal bevel
  • Flat end faces

TEAM’s welded pipeline sleeves can be ordered directly if the required sleeve wall thickness is known. Otherwise, TEAM’s standard rating tables can be used to evaluate the required thickness (tables available for review at back of catalog).
Integrated in-house capabilities enable TEAM to carry out turn-key installation of welded sleeves including in-service welding and non- destructive testing. This turn-key approach ensures that projects are executed to the highest safety and quality standards, with zero hand-offs and a single PO.

Sleeve Ordering Information – By Part Number

TEAM’s welded sleeves can be ordered using the below standard part numbering system. The standard, most cost-effective selection is highlighted in bold:

Specific material properties over standard ASTM A572 must be communicated including, carbon equivalent, impact test temperature and energy, hardness or any other specific requirements. For practicality of manufacture, the below table provides guidance on the maximum sleeve thickness by pipeline diameter for TEAM’s standard sleeves. Thicker sizes may be accommodated by special request.

Ordering Example:
TWS-65-16-0.625-8-G-NC represents 65ksi sleeve for a 16” pipeline that is 5/8” thick and 8’ long with backing strip grooves and no coating.

Nominal Pipeline Size2"+6"+12"+16"+24"+
Maximum Sleeve Thickness1/4"3/8"1/2"5/8"3/4"