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Bringing Reliability and Traceability to Engineered Composite Repairs

To provide the best service, we make use of both in-house and third-party repair systems that comply with the qualification requirements of the reference standards. We run repair calculations through our own engineering teams but can also provide checking of third-party calculations where required. Our technicians are trained to apply systems used and their experience is tracked to enable us to verify their competence. Installation documentation is retained enabling us to re-validate repairs as fit for purpose in future.

TEAM is committed to extending the understanding of repair performance and actively support independent test programs as well as joint programs with operators to support solutions to specific problems. Our objective is to be your partner in integrity, from assessment, through selection and installation to management in service.

To submit a repair request, please download the Repair Datasheet, fill it with your leak details and submit the below form.
A Team expert will contact you within 24 hours.

Download Repair Datasheet

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